2017 Total Awarded

Carrboro Elementary School: $2,000.00. Project: MakerSpace Sandbox Program – This program is for an augmented reality sandbox that allows students to explore 3D visualization to learn about various landforms and earth science topics.The sandbox would be located in the school’s Makerspace and be part of the larger initiative to support STEM based learning. This addition would increase hands-on learning and fit seamlessly into different grade levels project based units.

Ephesus Elementary School: $500.00. Project: Furniture Replacement – Project Impact funding will allow Ephesus Elementary to replace outdated, missing and/or broken furniture with new non-traditional furniture to more optimally support a dynamic learning environment for 2 adaptive curriculum classrooms for students with special needs.

FPG Bilingue Elementary School: $3,000.00. Project: MindUp Program – The MindUp program examines changes in behavior, academics, and the social and cultural environment among under-served elementary school children. Program outcomes include: reduction in discipline referrals including suspensions, fewer fights, better self-control and reduced bullying. Academic growth, particularly among students most at-risk, will be examined over time using teacher evaluations and End of Grade scores. Lastly, qualitative feedback from students and teachers will investigate improvements in student interactions, classroom dynamics, and other feedback on the program.

Phillips Middle School: $500.00. Project: Musical Instruments – Project Impact funding will allow Phillips Middle School to purchase additional musical instruments for their orchestra and band programs, providing additional access to students who could not otherwise participate.

Scroggs Elementary School: $3,000.00. Project: After School Program Transportation – This program is for under-served students who cannot participate in afterschool programs due to economic barriers. Scroggs is the site for a range of afterschool programs, from Girls on the Run (inspiring girls to be independent thinkers and problem-solvers) to Camp TechTerra (an exploration of coding and robotics). However, these programs require students to have transportation home after the activities. Project Impact funding helps Scroggs secure bus transportation for students who participate in afterschool enrichment programs so financial, capacity, and transportation barriers to equitable participation in these enrichment activities.