2016 Total Awarded

FPG Elementary School: $4,500.00. Project: Computers for All Program – FPG estimates that there are approx. 80 families/children in need of computers and internet access to complete homework. Only 10 of those students have been provided with these resources. FPG has secured a donor who is willing to fund 2 more years of internet access, and submitted a Project Impact grant request to fund the purchase of 10 additional laptops.

Glenwood Elementary School: $4,500.00. Project: After school programs for low income students – Due to HUD budget cuts in recent years, the Orange County Resource Center has been searching for additional funding to help supplement these after-school centers in housing communities. The Project Impact grant funds will go a long way in helping Glenwood Elementary provide access to these programs to their students in need.

Northside Elementary School: $3,000.00. Project: Weekend backpack program to feed 9 students/families (with assistance from TABLE) – The PTA TS has a long standing relationship with TABLE, and the Project Impact funds requested will assist these students throughout the entire school year.

Chapel Hill High School: $1,100.00. Project: Classroom sets of graphing calculators – In order to enroll in higher level mathematics courses, each student must have their own graphing calculator for the course work. At a cost of approx. $100 each, not all students could afford to purchase one. The Project Impact grant funds will allow teachers to purchase a “classroom set” of these calculators to share with all students in need.