2015 Total Awarded

McDougle Middle School: $1,840.00 – McDougle Middle School is the only middle school in the CHCCS district that does not have access to an onsite auditorium for theater performances., so the Project Impact grant awarded them funds to purchase a sound system for the theater classroom in their school.

Phillips Middle School: $4,000.00 – Project Impact funds were used to purchase and repair instruments to be used by minority and underserved students in the successful Orchestra and Band programs at Phillips Middle School.

Scroggs Elementary School: $3,000.00 – Funds were awarded for developing the “Idea Lab” – a dedicated space for hands-on-creativity and discovery by renovating an existing classroom trailer (currently being used for storage) into a unique, special place where students put on lab coats and explore, discover, and think outside-the box.

Smith Middle School: $898.00 – To purchase seven Green Gene Colony Transformation Kits to illustrate the potential of biotechnology and bioengineering to the 8th grade classes.