Nina Torres

“I started using when I was 22. When my mom passed in 2009, I say that was the lowest point. I lost custody of my daughter for a little while around the same time.

It took me a long time to do it. I got tired. I got tired of being homeless. I got tired of doing the things I was doing, so I decided to change. I got on my knees and asked my higher power to please help me, and I meant it that day. I went to a recovery house. It’s the best place to start off. And I just gave my will over. I had to, because mine was not doing any good. I was making bad choices every day.

The happiest moment of my life is when I had my daughter. She is 31 right now. We talk all the time. Maybe three to four times every day. I have six wonderful grandkids. She actually stood by me even when I was at my worst. Even when I was like stealing from her and being disrespectful, she still stuck by me. She is awesome. That’s the best daughter in the world.

In July, it is gonna be four years I’ve been clean. This job has helped me a lot also. I hadn’t worked in a very, very, very, very long time — since I was probably 31. And they gave me an opportunity here, and they stuck by me through a lot of my personal stuff. It’s hard because doing drugs a long time and dealing with violence, rape, abuse, people just being mean. It turns you into that person so you can survive. I’ve done a lot of dirt and I was mean to people. So now, I’m working on just being a better person. Being what God wants me to be. It’s kinda hard some days, trust me.”