Jackie Draper

“Parenting is an interesting arena in and of itself. You tend to go a lot of places where you doubt things when you’re raising a person. Being kind os a big deal. I have two boys, they are at the top of the happiest moments list— having my kids.

Yesterday is yesterday, and we can’t really control much beyond the moment we’re in. And I think it’s hard to do that because life is so busy and so full. But it’s really about appreciating the now. And I think one of my favorite pieces of advice is ‘trust the process.’ There are so many things that happen that we have no clue about why or what. But I believe in things happening for a reason. And if we trust in the process it may ease our fears and doubts, obstacles.

We are never short on stories. The world takes all kinds, and they all come here. There’s no dull moment, and it really keeps it interesting. That’s really what I love about the work.”