Ashley Strader

“I didn’t know there were any other options. I didn’t know anything about how to deal with my emotions, things like that. I had no coping skills. My mom was sad she would take a pill. She was happy, she would take a pill. And that’s what I saw, that was what was demonstrated and that’s what I became.

Then I went to a program in Chapel Hill two years ago, and then I was sober.

My sister is still in addiction, my brothers are in addiction, and my mother and father are both in addiction. That’s very unfortunate, but I feel like they’re making their decisions and I have to make mine. So, my decision keeps my children safe and it breaks the chain for my generation or at least the generation after me. I love my boys and I’m very excited that they get to watch me and I get to watch them grow and they don’t have to see me like that.”