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PTA Thrift Shop Thank you for your interest in the PTA Thrift Shop! We’ve been serving our community for over half a century, and whether you’re a parent or student within the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School district or a patron who enjoys shopping for quality merchandise at a good price, your involvement makes a difference!

Our Mission:

Enriching lives by building collaborative partnerships and transferring charitable donations into educational and community investments.

Our Locations:

Our Carrboro facility is located at 125 W. Main St., at the corner of Main Street and Jones Ferry Rd. Retail and Donation Center hours are Mon-Sat, 9am-6:00pm and Sundays from 1:00-6:00pm. Please call 919-967-1272 for retail store inquiries and 919-960-7413 for donations inquiries.

Our Chapel Hill facility is located at 103 S. Elliott Rd in the Village Plaza shopping center, next door to Whole Foods. Retail and Donation Center hours are Mon-Sat, 9:00am-6:00pm and Sundays from 1:00-6:00pm. Please call 919-942-6101 for retail store inquiries and 919-942-9412 for donations inquiries.

PTA Thrift Shop Executive Offices are also at 125 W. Main St., Suite 100, phone 919-942-6565.

Who We Are:

The PTA Thrift Shop, Inc. is a non-profit resale business operated for the benefit of the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) of the public schools located in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Our organization began in 1952 as a small, frequently moved sales room. Today it has grown into two large, well-located and maintained retail establishments in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

What We Do:

All net profits from our stores are divided among the district’s PTAs according to student population and volunteer hours. The PTA Thrift Shop is a major source of funding for all elementary school PTAs and for virtually every club, team, music group and other student organization in the middle and high schools.

Historically, PTA Thrift Shop money has helped fund a large part of your PTA’s budget, paying for teaching materials, landscaping, playground equipment, cultural arts programs, computers, library books, Discovery Lab equipment, school wide events and a host of other things. There is no other fundraiser that begins to generate this kind of revenue. Indeed, strong support of the PTA Thrift Shop can dramatically reduce the need for other school fundraisers. We encourage you to continue supporting the Thrift Shop so that we, the PTA Thrift Shop can continue to support our PTAs and our kids!!

How Can I Benefit My Child’s School The Most?

Every school’s goal is to maximize the amount of money its PTA receives from the PTA Thrift Shop. There are 3 ways to further this goal and to raise money for your school:

1. SHOP at the PTA Thrift Shops. The best way for the PTA Thrift Shop to increase our profits is to increase our revenue. To make more money, we must broaden our customer base and bring more paying customers in the door. You can all help by shopping with us and by promoting the PTA Thrift Shop to other parents, friends and neighbors. Store hours are 8:30am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday (our Plaza location is also open on Sundays from 1pm to 6pm as well).

2. DONATE high quality goods to the PTA Thrift Shops. The PTA Thrift Shop makes money by selling donated goods, including computers, furniture, books, house wares, sports equipment, toys, appliances, electronic equipment and lots of other stuff in addition to clothing. Of course the “good stuff” brings in the most money! In the words of one of our long time School Reps, “Be a hero - donate your “good stuff” to the Thrift Shop!!”

3. VOLUNTEER We thank you in advance for volunteering your time and efforts to the PTA Thrift Shop. With your volunteer efforts you can help save employee time and the corresponding expense. While volunteers do not generate revenue, they can, when used effectively, significantly lower our costs. Working in the stores is the most efficient and effective use of volunteer time. And, of course, volunteer hours are what count when it comes time to distribute the profits!

Volunteering at the PTA Thrift Shop is a fun way to meet other involved members of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro school community. Volunteers can be parents, family members, friends, and teachers. In addition to volunteering during store hours, there are also several work nights that take place throughout the year. Contact your school’s PTA Thrift Shop representative for more information.

If you’d like to become a Thrift Store Representative for your school, please contact your local PTA President for more information on how to do so. To volunteer, please call PTA Thrift Shop Volunteer Coordinator Matt Pennachi at 942-6565, or email him at

Let’s Get Started!!

There are several PTA Thrift Shop events specifically assigned to your schools in the upcoming months of this school year. Please find the attached calendar as a guide to those events. We need a strong contingent of volunteers right away to get off to a good start this year. You will receive more details from your School or Class Reps.

Thanks in advance for your help! Also, if you have specific questions about what we do here at the PTA Thrift Shop, or you would just like a tour, please contact Executive Director, Barbara Jessie-Black at 942-6565 or

We look forward to a great year with your support!!!
Remember….SHOP... SAVE… SUPPORT!!!

Our Addresses

Our Addresses
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