2018 Total Awarded

Mary Scroggs Elementary School: $3,955.00

Project: Continued offering of afterschool enrichment program with innovative, hands-on activities for under-resourced students in third, fourth, and fifth grades as well as their peers.  These enrichment programs will continue to be free-of-charge for all students and will include free-of-charge bus transportation, which will allow an additional 19 students (to the 80 currently participating).  It is one of the only schools in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School district providing this type of free afterschool enrichment program.

Morris Grove Elementary School: $1,500.00

Project:  To expand the implementation of STEM related “Genius Hour” in all first grade classrooms.  The expansion of this program includes the purchase of books appropriate for first graders related to STEM topics of interest to that population, such as questions about space, robots, and how parts of the human body function.  Funds will be used to create a STEM related “Genius Hour” library for current and future needs.

East Chapel Hill High School: $1,362.00

Project: To implement individualized curriculum to meet the specific reading needs and interests of students through the use of audiobooks (by way of the Kindle Fire).  The use of audiobooks has been successful in encouraging and building independence by creating lifelong readers who exhibit reading confidence, and the development of reading interests and skills.  The goal of this project is to not only create lifelong readers, but to also encourage students to use the public library system to gain access to reading materials.

Estes Elementary School: $1,000.00

Project: To create a therapy gardening space located in close proximity to the exceptional education classrooms at Estes Elementary School, which will allow for students to engage in Horticulture Therapy (HT).  According to NC State Extension website, HT “is a dynamic intervention that uses gardening and nature-based activities to promote therapy and wellness for people with physical, emotional, developmental or mental disabilities in professionally conducted programs.”